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ATM & Self Service Solutions

Experience the Power of iSolution Payments' Expert Team Members!


At iSolution Payments, our team members are the experts who've been crafting game-changing ATM & Cash Dispense Self-Service Solutions for over two decades. With their unwavering dedication, they've been at the forefront of creating, refining, and advancing ATM hardware & software solutions across 16 countries on five continents.

They've left their mark: Our team members were the brains behind the world's largest multi-currency ATM network, making it possible to withdraw 25+ different currencies across 14 countries. They've also brought innovation to life with pioneering ideas like the world's first Foreign Currency ATM Click & Collect service and the world's first Retail Kiosk to Foreign Currency ATM Collection Service.


Making a worldwide impact: Our team members have taken on challenges globally to optimise ATMs. This means they've found smart ways to reduce costs from handling big-value local withdrawals and small-value international transactions, helping businesses like yours be more profitable. They also pioneered leading ideas such as machine learning based options being presented to customers, which can lead to higher strike rates and reduced customer cancellations.


Fighting against fraud: Our team members joined forces with big names like Mastercard to make ATM networks more secure. They played a key role in reducing US ATM mag-stripe fraud during the US EMV Chip & Pin rollout, making sure that when you used your international cards in the US, your transactions remained as safe as in Europe. The team also partnered with ATM manufacturers to help reduce the risk of things like jackpotting, a kind of hacking that tries to force ATMs to give out cash.


Pioneering new possibilities: Guided by their vision, our team members have teamed up with ATM manufacturers, Card Schemes, Open Banking & Alternative Payment Method providers to bring new ways of using ATMs – like transactions without a physical card or by scanning QR codes. We want to make it easier for you to withdraw cash when you need it and to be able deposit cash outside of your bank's own branches.


Taking control to the next level: Our team members have been at the forefront of crafting and deploying various cutting-edge remote monitoring and management platforms over the years. A standout accomplishment includes their pivotal role in co-developing a groundbreaking achievement in its time: the world's first 3270 Emulator to web-based ATM monitoring application for a prominent UK bank. Additionally, they co-pioneered the creation of the world's first web-based ATM remote monitoring and management platform, equipped with the unprecedented capability to control ATMs remotely.

Team up with the top ATM experts who can help you succeed. If you're looking to improve your business, don't wait. Click the "Contact Us" button below to start your journey of excellence with iSolution Payments.

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